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Aroma Waxing Clinic

588 Bloor St W Toronto ON M6G 1K4

Your experience with Aroma waxing clinic begins the moment you schedule your appointment. Are you nervous? Are you a first time waxer? or have you had a bad waxing experience in the past? Well let us ease your fears. Our front desk team is incredibly warm and friendly, and no question is too personal or too embarrassing. Trust me, we have heard it all before! After you schedule your appointment, either by phone or online, it's time to come and see us! Walk through our door and you'll experience what makes Aroma Wellness Clinic so special. You will be greeted warmly by one of our fabulous front desk team, offering a cup of tea or a glass water. Your WAXOLOGIST will greet you and show you to a waxing room, which is immaculate, clean & private. Each room is supplied with an organic after lotion with Aloe to calm the skin and give your skin a beautiful healthy hairless glow. We are also obsessive when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene and we never recycle our wax and we never double dip, creating a truly contamination free hair removal center. We are very proud to use everything disposable and what can’t be disposable 100% sanitized. After answering any questions, your wax will begin. You'll be astounded by how comfortable you will feel, and how painless the wax will be. In no time, your wax will be complete and your life as you know it will be changed forever. You will be a wax convert. More importantly, you will be an Aroma waxing clinic convert. #wewaxtoronto